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Hi, I'm Daniel!
So good to have you here.  

The Star Trek mantra urges space explorers to “boldly go where no man has gone before.” Daniel Ingle has a similar refrain: to go places in the world for Christ and His Kingdom that others are not willing or able to go.

And Daniel has done just that. Whether navigating the unknowns and complexities of teenagers and their faith as he’s done for nearly twenty years in youth ministry or taking the good news of the Kingdom to people in such places as Nigeria, Kenya, Cameroon, Philippines, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Japan, Australia, and most of Europe—Daniel longs to connect people to God and His purpose and plan for their life.

Daniel and his wife, Kassie, along with their three sons and three foster children (a boy and two girls) live in Oklahoma. The Ingles come with a lot of experience and know-how in their ministry tool belt. Daniel has earned numerous degrees from Liberty University, has taught in seminaries and training schools around the world, and the Ingle family has embraced a missionary/itinerant life, traveling as such for six years.

Daniel is an avid learner. He’s also a passionate giver. That’s why Daniel longs to share whatever He can—wherever he can—about how high, deep, and wide God’s love is for this world.


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Why Start a Podcast: Bridging the Gap 

We are just trying to bring Christians together by looking into trends and current Christian culture through the eyes of multiple generations. 

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